Commercial Access Control

For commercial use, access control systems can become an important part of your overall security plan. These systems regulate access to valuable inventory and corporate records with electronic locking systems that are released by magnetic cards or special code numbers.

Dehart's access control systems allow you to keep areas secured in a more efficient manner with an audit trail to monitor who is coming and going. With commercial losses due to employee theft growing annually, these easily expandable systems can readily adapt to the changing needs of your business and provide peace of mind in uncertain times.

The sophistication levels of these access control systems range from card-based systems passed through a reader device to proximity cards passed over or near a reader to eliminate the problem of card wear. For companies who require heightened security, fingerprint verification can be combined with proximity card technology to hinder unauthorized access via lost, loaned or stolen cards.

The ultimate biometric reader, based on a database of fingerprint images, eliminates the need for pins, keys or cards with almost instant fingerprint verification. Our Dehart Alarm sales staff can identify sensitive areas within your facility and pinpoint your need for controlled access and identification.