Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

Dehart Alarm Systems is dedicated to combating crime on your company premises. Our systems are designed to detect intruders and signal authorities with a combination of sophisticated technology and ease of operation.

We feature fully monitored security systems which keep an eye on your company premises, inventory and possessions.

The major components of these commercial security systems are combinations of interior and perimeter sensors located at vulnerable entry points such as doors and windows. All of these sensors are connected to a control panel. These might include magnetic contacts, glass break sensors or passive infrared detectors, which detect motion through body heat.

When a sensor detects a problem, it signals the control panel, which in turn sends a signal via telephone lines or radio transmission to the Central Station, a 24-hour monitoring facility. Security professionals who staff the facility alert police and emergency personnel.

Controlling the system is a keypad, which requires a security code to arm and disarm. Other keypad options are also available. Check with your Dehart Alarm Systems professional for an on-site consultation.