Video Surveillance Products

Digitally recorded images can be stored, transferred and transmitted over networks and phone lines with no loss of image quality. Digitally stored video will always look the same as the day the image were recorded.

Encrypted Watermarks and Thumb Prints offer a level of security that your video image is always authentic and can be used as evidence in court.

VCR images wear out quickly and degrade over time. They are often damages as tapes can stretch or even tear, leaving images that simply cannot be trusted and used effectively as evidence in court. Unlike VHS tapes that require serious real estate, digital video can be easily backed up and archived onto a number of digital formats. Once the image has been recorded, the video can be automatically backed up to hard drives, network servers, CD's or DVD's. Digitally backed up information can be accessed at any time and will always look exactly the same as the very day it was recorded.

Dehart offers a wide variety of video surveillance products to fit every need for your home or business.

  • Indoor Dome

  • Outdoor Camera

  • Bullet Cam

  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder)