Radio & Cellular Back Up

Any brand of alarm system is only as good as the transmission capabilities to the central station. The primary method of transmission is via phone line. Should that phone line be cut by vandalism, damage from storms, vehicle accidents, line repairs, construction or accidental cable cuts, Dehart can provide Radio or cellular backup to ensure your alarm signal reaches our UL listed central station.

In recent years the telephone communications industry has introduced VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Digital Telephone Service. While these technologies work great for voice communication they can create issues with the communications between your Security System and the Central Station. Some of these technologies do not allow the Security System to transmit at all and others are more sporadic in the interference of the signals being sent to the Central Station. Some can cause the signal to be scrambled creating an erroneous signal to be received at the Central Station possibly resulting in a false dispatch or no dispatch at all. Some of these communication services will be interrupted immediately with the loss of AC power due to the lack of battery back up provided by your Telephone service provider.

Should you decide or have already decided to use one of these services, there are reliable alternatives for your Security System Communications. Cellular Radio and Radio Transmitters are designed to work with your Security System, and do not rely on your Telephone Service. Cellular Radio and Radio Transmission will work even should you decide to cancel your phone line altogether.

Before making the decision to change your phone service, or if you have already made the change, please contact us so we can discuss these options in more detail.